"Such a shame that we can not drop by for a fun cup of coffee or a hug. But how would it be if you can give something personal, something very special?

I am Gillyan, singer, and specially during this time I gave this idea a life.."


Do you want to give a song that I never sang before, I will need more time to study it. Maybe I will not get the lyrics by head. You will see me read it.

There has to be an instrumental version, otherwise I have to sing with the original. It can be done, but is less special. We will have to agree on both sides that I can sing it (I just want it to sound good).


You will get it within ten days.

Song for a loved one

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€ 20,00Prijs
  • You get the link via YouTube or WeTransfer. Let me know in advance.

  • This includes 21% tax